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Daniel Franta, Ivan Ohlídal

Influence of lateral dimensions of the irregularities on the optical quantities of rough surfaces

Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 8 (2006) 763–774

In this paper the influence of lateral dimensions of the irregularities on the optical quantities, i.e. on reflectance, transmittance, scattering losses and ellipsometric ratio of randomly rough surfaces, is discussed in detail. This discussion is based on theoretical (simulated) data calculated using the Rayleigh–Rice theory (RRT). It is shown that the optical quantities mentioned are strongly dependent on the quantities characterising the lateral dimensions of the irregularities, e.g. on the autocorrelation length. The simulated data are also used to investigate the possibilities and limitations of the scalar diffraction theory (SDT) and effective medium approximation (EMA) at treating the experimental data in practice. On the basis of these theoretical studies it is, moreover, shown that a combination of the SDT and EMA can be employed as a reasonable approximation for describing the interaction of light with randomly rough surfaces. Thus, from the results presented in this paper, it is evident that this combination could be a promissing treatment for experimental data corresponding to the optical quantities of randomly rough surfaces.

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