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Zdeněk Remeš, Jakub Holovský, Adam Purkrt, Tibor Ižák, Aleš Poruba, Milan Vaněček, Űmit Dagkaldiran, Heather M. Yates, Philip Evans, David W. Sheel

Optical absorption losses in metal layers used in thin film solar cells

Physica Status Solidi A 207 (2010) 2170–2173

We apply optical transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy, photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PDS) and laser calorimetry (LC) to evaluate optical absorption losses at rough interface between thin conductive oxide (TCO) and metal films used as backreflectors and electrical contacts in thin film solar cells. The paper proposes a simple method how to model the dielectric function of rough metal layers used in thin film solar cells. We show that the rough metal layer optically behaves as a semi-infinite layer with modified dielectric function calculated by the Landau-Lifshitz-Looyenga (LLL) model from the dielectric function of a smooth metal, the dielectric function of TCO and just one free parameter that needs to be found by fitting the total optical absorptance. This approach can be used to simplify the modelling of the optical properties of thin film solar cells.

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