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Publications of Ondřej Jašek

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Articles in journals with impact factor


28. Bannov A., Jašek O., Manakhov A., Márik M., Nečas D., Zajíčková L.,
High performance ammonia gas sensors based on plasma treated carbon nanostructures,
IEEE Sensors J. 17(7) (2017) 1964-1970

27. Bannov A., Prášek J., Jašek O., Zajíčková L.,
Investigation of Pristine Graphite Oxide as Room-Temperature Chemiresistive Ammonia Gas Sensing Material,
Sensors 17(2) (2017) 320


26. Pekárek J., Vrba R., Prášek J., Jašek O., Majzlíková P., Pekárková J., Zajíčková L.,
MEMS Carbon Nanotubes Field Emission Pressure Sensor With Simplified Design: Performance and Field Emission Properties Study,
IEEE Sensors J. 15(3) (2015) 1430-1436

25. Majzlíková P., Sedláček J., Prášek J., Pekárek J., Svatoš V., Bannov A., Jašek O., Synek P., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L., Hubálek J.,
Sensing Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Grown in MW Plasma Torch: Electronic and Electrochemical Behavior, Gas Sensing, Field Emission, IR Absorption,
Sensors 15(2) (2015) 2644-2661

24. Eliáš M., Kloc P., Jašek O., Mazánková V., Trunec D., Hrdý R., Zajíčková L.,
Atmospheric pressure barrier discharge at high temperature: Diagnostics and carbon nanotubes deposition,
Journal of Applied Physics 117(10) (2015) 103301


23. Synek P., Jašek O., Zajíčková L.,
Study of Microwave Torch Plasmachemical Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Focused on the Analysis of Phase Composition,
Plasma Chem. Plasma Process. 34(2) (2014) 327-341 (1× cited)

22. David B., Pizurova N., Synek P., Kudrle V., Jašek O., Schneeweiss O.,
epsilon-Fe2O3 nanoparticles synthesized in atmospheric-pressure microwave torch,
Materials Letters 116(AA3WI) (2014) 370-373

21. David B., Schneeweiss O., Pizurova N., Rek A., Kudrle V., Jašek O.,
Nanocrystalline alpha-Fe Layer Examined by Mossbauer Spectrometry,
Acta Physica Polonica A 126(1) (2014) 94-95

20. Majzlíková P., Prášek J., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Pekárek J., Hubálek J., Zajíčková L.,
Comparison of different modifications of screen-printed working electrodes of electrochemical sensors using carbon nanotubes and plasma treatment,
Physica Status Solidi A 211(12) (2014) 2756–2764


19. David B., Schneeweiss O., Santava E., Jašek O.,
Magnetic Properties of gamma-Fe2O3 Nanopowder Synthesized by Atmospheric Microwave Torch Discharge,
Acta Physica Polonica A 122(1) (2012) 9-11

18. David B., Pizurova N., Schneeweiss O., Santava E., Kudrle V., Jašek O.,
gamma-Fe2O3 Nanopowders Synthesized in Microwave Plasma and Extraordinarily Strong Temperature Influence on Their Mossbauer Spectra,
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 12(12) (2012) 9277-9285


17. Prášek J., Húska D., Jašek O., Zajíčková L., Trnková L., Adam V., Kizek R., Hubálek J.,
Carbon composite micro- and nano-tubes-based electrodes for detection of nucleic acids,
Nanoscale Research Letters 6 (2011) 385 (2× cited)

16. Synek P., Jašek O., Zajíčková L., David B., Kudrle V., Pizurova N.,
Plasmachemical synthesis of maghemite nanoparticles in atmospheric pressure microwave torch,
Materials Letters 65(6) (2011) 982-984 (4× cited)

15. Buršíková V., Bláhová O., Karásková M., Zajíčková L., Jašek O., Franta D., Klapetek P., Buršík J.,
Mechanical properties of ultrananocrystalline thin films deposited using dual frequency discharges,
Chemické listy 105(2, SI) (2011) S98-S101

14. Buršíková V., Kučerová Z., Zajíčková L., Jašek O., Kudrle V., Matějková J., Synek P.,
Chemické listy 105(2) (2011) S171-S174


13. Zajíčková L., Jašek O., Eliáš M., Synek P., Lazar L., Schneeweiss O., Hanzlíková R.,
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by plasma- enhanced chemical vapor deposition in an atmospheric-pressure microwave torch,
Pure and Applied Chemistry 82 (2010) 1259–1272 (2× cited)

12. Jašek O., Synek P., Zajíčková L., Eliáš M., Kudrle V.,
Synthesis of Carbon Nanostructures by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition at Atmospheric Pressure,
Journal Of Electrical Engineering 61(5) (2010) 311-313 (1× cited)


11. Zajíčková L., Synek P., Jašek O., Eliáš M., David B., Buršík J., Pizurova N., Hanzlíková R., Lazar L.,
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in MW Plasma Torch with Fe(CO)5 in Gas Feed,
Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 5421–5424 (5× cited)

10. Kučerová Z., Zajíčková L., Buršíková V., Kudrle V., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Synek P., Matějková J., Buršík J.,
Mechanical and Microwave Absorbing Properties of Carbon-Filled Polyurethane,
Micron 40 (2009) 70–73 (7× cited)

9. Zajíčková L., Kučerová Z., Buršíková V., Eliáš M., Houdková J., Synek P., Maršíková H., Jašek O.,
Carbon Nanotubes Functionalized in Oxygen and Water Low Pressure Discharges used as Reinforcement of Polyurethane Composites,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 6 (2009) S864–S869 (1× cited)


8. Franta D., Zajíčková L., Karásková M., Jašek O., Nečas D., Klapetek P., Valtr M.,
Optical characterization of ultrananocrystalline diamond films,
Diamond and Related Materials 17 (2008) 1278–1282 (11× cited)

7. Lazar L., Synek P., Karásková M., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Kelar L., Konupčík P., Zajíčková L.,
Comparison of Various Plasmachemical Processes with Respect to the Gas Temperature,
Chemické listy 102 (2008) 1158–1161


6. Jašek O., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L., Kučerová Z., Matějková J., Rek A., Buršík J.,
Discussion of Important Factors in Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes by Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Plasma Torch,
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 68 (2007) 738–743 (6× cited)

5. Zajíčková L., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Kučerová Z., Synek P., Matějková J., Kadlečíková M., Klementová M., Buršík J., Vojačková A.,
Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Deposited in Microwave Torch at Atmospheric Pressure,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 4 (2007) S245–S249 (7× cited)


4. Frgala Z., Jašek O., Karásková M., Zajíčková L., Buršíková V., Franta D., Matějková J., Rek A., Klapetek P., Buršík J.,
Microwave PECVD of nanocrystalline diamond with RF induced bias nucleation,
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 56 (2006) B1218–B1223 (3× cited)

3. Kučerová Z., Zajíčková L., Jašek O., Eliáš M., Ficek R., Vrba R., Matějka F., Matějková J., Buršík J.,
Carbon Nanotubes Synthesized by Plasma Enhanced CVD: Preparation for Measurements of Their Electrical Properties,
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 56 (2006) B1244–B1249 (1× cited)

2. Jašek O., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L., Kudrle V., Bublan M., Matějková J., Rek A., Buršík J., Kadlečíková M.,
Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis in Microwave Plasma Torch at Atmospheric Pressure,
Materials Science and Engineering C 26 (2006) 1189–1193 (9× cited)


1. Zajíčková L., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Kudrle V., Frgala Z., Matějková J., Buršík J., Kadlečíková M.,
Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Torch for Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes,
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 47 (2005) B655–B666 (14× cited)

Proceedings available from ISI Web of Science


4. David B., Pizurova N., Schneeweiss O., Santava E., Jašek O., Kudrle V.,
alpha-Fe nanopowder synthesised in low-pressure microwave plasma and studied by Mossbauer spectroscopy,


3. Schneeweiss O., David B., Jašek O., Zajíčková L., Vondracek M., Zboril R., Maslan M.,
Mossbauer Effect Study of Iron Thin Films on Si/SiO(x) Substrate and Iron Phases at Deposited Carbon Nanotubes,


2. Hubálek J., Prášek J., Prášek J., Húska D., Hruška D., Prášek J., Húska D., Adamek M., Jašek O., Adam V., Jašek O., Trnková L., Adam V., Horna A., Trnková L., Kizek R., Horna A., Kizek R.,
Modification of Working Electrode Surface with Carbon Nanotubes as an Electrochemical Sensor for Estimation of Melting Points of DNA,

1. Zajíčková L., Jašek O., Synek P., Eliáš M., Kudrle V., Kadlečíková M., Breza J., Hanzlíková R.,

Proceedings not available from ISI Web of Science


4. Hnilica J., Kudrle V., Jašek O.,
Electrode-less plasma jet synthesis of core-shell iron/iron oxide nanoparticles,
Frontiers in Material and Life Sciences , Nanocon 2013 (2014) 6


3. Kučerová Z., Zajíčková L., Eliáš M., Jašek O., Matějková J., Buršík J.,
Treatment of Catalytic Iron Layer for Carbon Nanotube Growth in Microwave Plasma Torch,
Proceedings of 16th Symposium on Applicaction of Plasma Processes (2007) 209-210


2. Buršíková V., Ray N., Bláhová O., Jašek O., Frgala Z., Zajíčková L., Franta D., Buršík J., Klapetek P.,
Study of Mechnical Properties of Diamon-like Carbon and Nanocomposite Diamond Coatings Prepared by Several Different Deposition Techniques,
Proceedings of International Workshop on the Application of Nanocrystalline Diamond and Diamond Like Carbon Materials (2006) 27-37


1. Jašek O., Eliáš M., Bublan M., Kudrle V., Zajíčková L., Matějková J., Rek A., Buršík J.,
Plasma Enhanced CVD of Carbon Nanotubes in Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Torch,
Proceedings of 15th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes and 3rd EU–Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing (2005) 187-188