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Ivan Ohlídal, František Vižďa, Miloslav Ohlídal

Optical analysis by means of spectroscopic reflectometry of single and double layers with correlated randomly rough boundaries

Optical Engineering 34 (1995) 1761–1768

Optical analysis of rough single and double layers is performed by interpreting the spectral dependences of the measured coherent reflectance. Formulas for the coherent reflectance of these systems derived within the scalar theory of diffraction of light are used for this interpretation. Possibilities and limitations of the method utilized are illustrated using several concrete samples of both the rough single and double layers represented by models corresponding to fully correlated (identical), partially correlated, and fully uncorrelated boundaries. It is shown that the values of the optical parameters, the root-mean-square (rms) values of the heights of the boundary irregularities and the values of the cross-correlation coefficients of the boundaries characterizing the layered systems mentioned can be determined within the method described.

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