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Jakub Holovský, Űmit Dagkaldiran, Zdeněk Remeš, Adam Purkrt, Tibor Ižák, Aleš Poruba, Milan Vaněček

Fourier transform photocurrent measurement of thin silicon films on rough, conductive and opaque substrates

Physica Status Solidi A 207 (2010) 578–581

Fourier transform photocurrent spectroscopy (FTPS) is used as an inspection method for hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin films deposited on aluminium foil and aluminium foil coated with rough SnO2. These structures are part of roll-to-roll solar cell fabrication process. Measurement technique utilizes transparent electrode in a sandwich arrangement. An elaborate calculation procedure is used to correct the measurement for the optical effects in order to obtain spectra of optical absorption coefficient. Correction procedure is based partly on analytical formulae and partly on Monte-Carlo simulations. Quality of thin a-Si:H layers deposited by PECVD on glass and aluminium foil with and without rough layer of SnO2 were compared. Positive effect of aluminium and SnO2 on layer quality and effect of bandgap shift was observed.

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