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Bohumil David, Oldřich Schneeweiss, Naděžda Pizúrová, Antonín Rek, Vít Kudrle, Ondřej Jašek

Nanocrystalline alpha-Fe Layer Examined by Mossbauer Spectrometry

Acta Physica Polonica A 126 (2014) 94-95

A few micrometers thick nanocrystalline alpha-Fe layer with the mean crystallite size d(X RD) = 14 nm was deposited in low-pressure microwave plasma, using Fe(CO)(5) vapour. Its nanocrystalline character was proved on its surface under SEM (surface was formed of deposited nanoparticles) and in its volume using TEM (deposited nanoparticles were stacked up, creating columns). No significant iron oxide phases were observed in the transmission Fe-57 Mossbauer spectrum measured at 5 K nor in the surface-sensitive Fe-57 conversion electron Mossbauer spectrum measured at 293 K.

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