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Daniel Franta, Ivan Ohlídal, Dominik Munzar, Jaroslav Hora, Karel Navrátil, Claudio Manfredotti, Franco Fizzotti, Ettore Vittone

Complete optical characterization of imperfect hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers by spectroscopic ellipsometry and spectroscopic reflectometry

Thin Solid Films 343–344 (1999) 295–298

In this paper the method based on interpreting the data measured within variable angle of incidence spectroscopic ellipsometry and spectroscopic reflectometry is used for the complete optical analysis of hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers deposited on silicon single crystal wafers. This method enables us to perform the analysis of these layers in a relatively wide spectral region because of both roughness and native oxide layer existing on the upper boundary of every silicon layer studied is respected at its analysis. The results obtained for a chosen sample of the hydrogenated amorphous silicon layer are presented.

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