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R Brunner, E Pincik, M Mikula, J Zahora

Reflectance spectrometry of TiO2 optical coatings on c-Si: The real data based simulation

Acta Physica Slovaca 51 (2000) 17-26

The measurement of the optical parameters of thin films deposited on absorbing substrate with dispersion is presented. Reflectance was measured for normally incident light using a commercial fiber-optics spectrometer. Suggested experimental configuration is sufficiently flexible and enables the investigation of planar samples with specular surface. The same set-up can be utilized for in-situ measurements. The obtained parameters of samples were statistically tested using resampling of the measured data set. The bootstrap method, which enables to estimate the confidence intervals for calculated parameters of layers, was used. The analysis of TiO2 films deposited on c-Si substrate is presented as an example.

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