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Ivan Ohlídal, Karel Navrátil

Simple method of spectroscopic reflectometry for the complete optical analysis of weakly absorbing thin films: Application to silicon films

Thin Solid Films 156 (1988) 181–189

A new reflectometric method enabling the complete optical analysis of weakly absorbing thin films deposited onto absorbing or non-absorbing substrates is described. The interpretation of the envelopes of the extrema present in the spectral dependence of the reflectance characterizing the film can be performed by means of explicit formulae which allow the spectral dependences of both the optical constants of the film to be determined. The thickness of the film can also be found by an explicit formula. The method is employed for analysing silicon thin films deposited onto glass plates. A comparison of the new method with a similar method using the envelopes in the spectral dependence of the transmittance is performed.

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