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Publications of Jiří Vohánka

Journal articles with impact factor: 2017, 2004
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4. Franta D., Dubroka A., Wang C., Giglia A., Vohánka J., Franta P., Ohlídal I.,
Temperature-dependent dispersion model of float zone crystalline silicon,
Applied Surface Science 421 (2017) 405-419

3. Franta D., Čermák M., Vohánka J., Ohlídal I.,
Dispersion models describing interband electronic transitions combining Tauc's law and Lorentz model,
Thin Solid Films 631 (2017) 12-22

2. Ohlídal I., Vohánka J., Čermák M., Franta D.,
Optical characterization of randomly microrough surfaces covered with very thin overlayers using effective medium approximation and Rayleigh-Rice theory,
Applied Surface Science 419 (2017) 942-956


1. Šíra M., Sťahel P., Buršíková V., Vohánka J., Trunec D.,
Activation of polyethylene and polypropylene in atmospheric pressure glow discharge,
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 54(Part 5) (2004) C835-C839