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Daniel Franta, Martin Čermák, Jiří Vohánka, Ivan Ohlídal

Dispersion models describing interband electronic transitions combining Tauc's law and Lorentz model

Thin Solid Films 631 (2017) 12-22

Five dispersion models of interband electronic transitions in disordered solids based on the combination of the Tauc's law and the Lorentz model (or the Lorentz function) will be discussed. These models are the Campi-Coriasso, Jellison-Modine (Tauc-Lorentz), Ferlauto et al. (Cody-Lorentz) and we also propose two other models. The models that we propose can be considered to be modifications of the Jellison-Modine and Ferlauto et al. models. This modification consists in the fact that these models are based on the Lorentz function, not on the response function of the damped harmonic oscillator. The analytic expressions for the real part of the dielectric function of the Campi-Coriasso model and one of our models will be published. The differences between the presented models will be compared by means of fitting the optical constants (functions) calculated with one model by other models.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.tsf.2017.03.051

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