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Martin Čermák, Jiří Vohánka, Ivan Ohlídal, Daniel Franta

Optical quantities of multi-layer systems with randomly rough boundaries calculated using the exact approach of the Rayleigh–Rice theory

Journal of Modern Optics 65 (2018) 1720-1736

In this paper the exact approach of the Rayleigh–Rice theory enabling us to calculate optical quantities of multi-layer systems with boundaries exhibiting slight random roughness is presented. This approach is exact in the sense that it takes into account the propagation of perturbed electromagnetic fields (waves) among randomly rough boundaries including all cross-correlation and auto-correlation effects. The restriction to the second order of perturbation, which is the lowest order that gives nonzero corrections to coherent waves (obeying the Snell’s law), represents the only approximation used in our calculations. It is assumed that the layers and the substrates are formed by optically homogeneous and isotropic materials. The formulae obtained in the theoretical part are used to investigate the influence of layer thicknesses and roughness parameters on reflectances and associated ellipsometric parameters of the selected numerical examples of a three-layer system. The presented approach represents the generalization of the exact approach for single-layer systems and the improvement of the approximate approach for multi-layer systems published earlier. The exact approach of the RRT has a substantial importance for the optical characterization of multi-layer systems occurring in applied research and optics industry applications.

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DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2018.1457187

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