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Ohlídal I., Vohánka J., Buršíková V., Šulc V, Šustek , Ohlídal M,
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Optics Express Vol. 28 (2020) 36796-36811

Vohánka J., Franta D., Čermák M., Homola V, Buršíková V., Ohlídal I.,
Ellipsometric characterization of highly non-uniform thin films with the shape of thickness non-uniformity modeled by polynomials,
Optics Express Vol. 28 (2020) 5492-5506

Ohlídal I., Vohánka J., Buršíková V., Franta D., Čermák M.,
Spectroscopic ellipsometry of inhomogeneous thin films exhibiting thickness non-uniformity and transition layers,
Optics Express Vol. 28 (2020) 160-174


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Consolidated series for efficient calculation of the reflection and transmission in rough multilayers,
Optics Express Vol. 22 4 (2014) 4499-4515


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Influence of cross-correlation effects on the optical quantities of rough films,
Optics Express Vol. 16 (2008) 7789–7803


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Models of dielectric response in disordered solids,
Optics Express Vol. 15 (2007) 16230–16244