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Publications of Miroslav Michlíček

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10. Manakhov A., Kiryukhantsev-Korneev P., Michlíček M., Permyakova E., Dvořáková E., Polčák J., Popov Z., Visotin M., Shtansky D.,
Grafting of carboxyl groups using CO2/C2H4/Ar pulsed plasma: Theoretical modeling and XPS derivatization,
Applied Surface Science 435 (2018) 1220-1227

9. Manakhov A., Fuková Š., Nečas D., Michlíček M., Ershov S., Eliáš M., Visotin M., Popov Z., Zajíčková L.,
Analysis of epoxy functionalized layers synthesized by plasma polymerization of allyl glycidyl ether,
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (2018) 20070-20077


8. Manakhov A., Landová M., Medalová J., Michlíček M., Polčák J., Nečas D., Zajíčková L.,
Cyclopropylamine plasma polymers for increased cell adhesion and growth,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 14 (2017) e1600123

7. Manakhov A., Michlíček M., Felten A., Pireaux J., Nečas D., Zajíčková L.,
XPS depth profiling of derivatized amine and anhydride plasma polymers: Evidence of limitations of the derivatization approach,
Applied Surface Science 394 (2017) 578-585

6. Manakhov A., Čechal J., Michlíček M., Shtansky D.,
Determination of NH2 concentration on 3-aminopropyl tri-ethoxy silane layers and cyclopropylamine plasma polymers by liquid-phase derivatization with 5-iodo 2-furaldehyde,
Applied Surface Science 414 (2017) 390-397

5. Manakhov A., Kedroňová E., Medalová J., Černochová P., Obrusník A., Michlíček M., Shtansky D., Zajíčková L.,
Carboxyl-anhydride and amine plasma coating of PCL nanofibers to improve their bioactivity,
Materials & Design 132 (2017) 257-265


4. Hegemann D., Michlíček M., Blanchard N., Schuetz U., Lohmann D., Vandenbossche M., Zajíčková L., Drábik M.,
Deposition of Functional Plasma Polymers Influenced by Reactor Geometry in Capacitively Coupled Discharges,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 13 (2016) 279–286

3. Manakhov A., Michlíček M., Nečas D., Polčák J., Makhneva E., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L.,
Carboxyl-rich coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma co-polymerization of maleic anhydride and acetylene,
Surface and Coatings Technology 295 (2016) 37-45


2. Kedroňová E., Zajíčková L., Hegemann D., Klíma M., Michlíček M., Manakhov A.,
Plasma Enhanced CVD of Organosilicon Thin Films on Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 12 (2015) 1231–1243


1. Zajíčková L., Eliáš M., Buršíková V., Studýnková Z., Mazánková V., Michlíček M., Houdková J.,
Low Pressure Plasmachemical Processing of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for the Production of Polyurethane Composite Films with Improved Mechanical Properties,
Thin Solid Films 538 (2013) 7-15