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Publications of Adam Obrusník

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13. Mullen J., Atanasova M., Obrusník A., Zajíčková L.,
Thomson scattering versus modeling of the microwave plasma torch: a long standing discrepancy almost solved,
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 35 (2020) 2064-2074


12. Makhneva E., Farka Z., Pastucha M., Obrusník A., Horáčková V., Skládal P., Zajíčková L.,
Maleic anhydride and acetylene plasma copolymer surfaces for SPR immunosensing,
Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 411 (2019) 7689-7697


11. Obrusník A., Makhneva E., Farka Z., Vandenbossche M., Hegemann D., Skládal P., Zajíčková L.,
Carboxyl-rich plasma polymer surfaces in surface plasmon resonance immunosensing,
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57 (2018) 01AG06


10. Zajíčková L., Jelínek P., Obrusník A., Vodák J., Nečas D.,
Plasma Enhanced CVD of Functional Coatings in Ar/Maleic Anhydride/C2H2 Homogeneous Dielectric Barrier Discharges at Atmospheric Pressure,
Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59(3) (2017) 034003

9. Obrusník A., Jelínek P., Zajíčková L.,
Modelling of the gas flow and plasma co-polymerization of two monomers in an atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge ,
Surface and Coatings Technology 314 (2017) 139-147

8. Manakhov A., Kedroňová E., Medalová J., Černochová P., Obrusník A., Michlíček M., Shtansky D., Zajíčková L.,
Carboxyl-anhydride and amine plasma coating of PCL nanofibers to improve their bioactivity,
Materials & Design 132 (2017) 257-265


7. Obrusník A., Synek P., Hübner S., van der Mullen J., Zajíčková L., Nijdam S.,
Coherent and incoherent Thomson scattering on an argon/hydrogen microwave plasma torch with transient behaviour,
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 25(5) (2016) 055018

6. Arjunan K., Obrusník A., Jones B., Zajíčková L., Ptasinska S.,
Effect of Additive Oxygen on the Reactive Species Profile and Microbicidal Property of a Helium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet,
Plasma Processes and Polymers 13 (2016) 1089-1105

5. Sobota A., Guaitella O., Sretenović G., Krstić I., Kovačević V., Obrusník A., Nguyen Y., Zajíčková L., Obradovic B., Kuraica M.,
Electric field measurements in a kHz-driven He jet—the influence of the gas flow speed,
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 25(6) (2016) 065026


4. Obrusník A., Bonaventura Z.,
Studying a low-pressure microwave coaxial discharge in hydrogen using a mixed 2D/3D model,
Journal of Physics D 48 (2015) 065201

3. Synek P., Obrusník A., Zajíčková L., Hübner S., Nijdam S.,
On the interplay of gas dynamics and the electromagnetic field in an atmospheric Ar/H2 microwave plasma torch,
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 24 (2015) 025030


2. Voráč J., Obrusník A., Procházka V., Dvořák P., Talába M.,
Spatially resolved measurement of hydroxyl radical (OH) concentration in an argon RF plasma jet by planar laser-induced fluorescence,
Plasma Sources Science and Technology 23(2) (2014) 025011


1. Obrusník A.,
Acta Physica Polonica A 56(567) (2001) 890