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Publications of Ekaterina Makhneva

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3. Makhneva E., Manakhov A., Skládal P., Zajíčková L.,
Development of effective QCM biosensors by cyclopropylamine plasma polymerization and antibody immobilization using cross-linking reactions ,
Surface and Coatings Technology 290 (2016) 116-123

2. Manakhov A., Makhneva E., Skládal P., Nečas D., Čechal J., Kalina L., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L.,
The robust bio-immobilization based on pulsed plasma polymerization of cyclopropylamine and glutaraldehyde coupling chemistry,
Applied Surface Science 360(Part A) (2016) 28-36

1. Manakhov A., Michlíček M., Nečas D., Polčák J., Makhneva E., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L.,
Carboxyl-rich coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma co-polymerization of maleic anhydride and acetylene,
Surface and Coatings Technology 295 (2016) 37-45