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Publications of Lucie Blahová

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7. Kovač J., Ekar J., Čekada M., Zajíčková L., Nečas D., Blahová L., Yong Wang J., Mozetič M.,
Depth profiling of thin plasma-polymerized amine films using GDOES in an Ar-O2 plasma,
Applied Surface Science 581 (2022) 152292

6. Manakhov A., Permyakova E., Sitnikova N., Tsygankova A., Alekseev A., Solomatina M., Baidyshev V., Popov Z., Blahová L., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L., Kovalskii A., Sheveyko A., Kiryukhantsev-Korneev P., Shtansky D., Nečas D., Solovieva A.,
Biodegradable Nanohybrid Materials as Candidates for Self-Sanitizing Filters Aimed at Protection from SARS-CoV-2 in Public Areas ,
Molecules 27(4) (2022) 1333


5. Michlíček M., Blahová L., Dvořáková E., Nečas D., Zajíčková L.,
Deposition Penetration Depth and Sticking Probability in Plasma Polymerization of Cyclopropylamine,
Applied Surface Science 540 (2021) 147979

4. Polášková K., Klíma M., Jeníková Z., Blahová L., Zajíčková L.,
Effect of Low Molecular Weight Oxidized Materials and Nitrogen Groups on Adhesive Joints of Polypropylene Treated by a Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet,
Polymers 13 (2021) 4396

3. Manakhov A., Sitnikova N., Tsygankova A., Alekseev A., Adamenko L., Permyakova E., Baidyshev V., Popov Z., Blahová L., Eliáš M., Zajíčková L., Solovieva A.,
Electrospun Biodegradable Nanofibers Coated Homogenously by Cu Magnetron Sputtering Exhibit Fast Ion Release. Computational and Experimental Study,
Membranes 11 (2021) 965


2. Černochová P., Blahová L., Medalová J., Nečas D., Michlíček M., Kaushik P., Přibyl J., Bartošíková J., Manakhov A., Bačáková L., Zajíčková L.,
Cell type specific adhesion to surfaces functionalised by amine plasma polymers,
Scientific Reports 10 (2020) 9357

1. Nemcakova I., Blahová L., Rysanek P., Blanquer A., Bačáková L., Zajíčková L.,
Behaviour of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells on Amine Plasma-Coated Materials with Various Chemical Structures and Morphologies,
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (2020) 9467