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Ivan Ohlídal, Miloslav Ohlídal, David Nečas, Daniel Franta, Vilma Buršíková

Optical characterisation of SiOxCyHz thin films non-uniform in thickness using spectroscopic ellipsometry, spectroscopic reflectometry and spectroscopic imaging reflectometry

Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 2874-2876

The combined opticalmethod enabling us to performthe complete optical characterisation of weakly absorbing non-uniform thin films is described. This method is based on the combination of standard variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, standard spectroscopic reflectometry at near normal incidence and spectroscopic imaging reflectometry applied at normal incidence. The spectral dependences of the optical constants are determined using the non-imaging methods with using the dispersion model based on parametrisation of density of electronic states. The local thickness distribution is then determined by imaging reflectometry. The method is illustrated by means of the complete optical characterisation of SiOxCyHzthin films.

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