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Daniel Franta, Ivan Ohlídal, Jan Mistrík, Tomuo Yamaguchi, Gu Jin Hu, Ning Dai

Optical characterization of sol-gel deposited PZT thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry in near-UV and visible regions

Applied Surface Science 244 (2005) 338–342

In this paper the results concerning the optical characterization of the PZT film are presented. The multi-sample modification of the optical method based on combining variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and near-normal spectroscopic reflectometry is used to obtain the spectral dependences of the optical constants of this film within the spectral region 190–1000 nm. Within the near-UV region the sharp features of the spectral dependences of the optical constants are found. These features are explained by the existence of the narrow bands of the 4d and 3d valence electrons of the transition metals Zr and Ti. Within the optical characterization of the PZT film the defects consisting of boundary roughness and refractive index profile are respected.

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