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František Vižďa, Ivan Ohlídal, Vojtěch Hrubý

Proc: Influence of Cross-Correlation of Rough Boundaries on Reflectance of Thin Films on GaAs and Si Substrates

Physics of Semiconductors, 29th International Conference on Physics of Semiconductors, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 27 - August 1, 2008 (2009) pp.19-20

Published by American Institute of Physics

In this contribution the reflectance of thin films on semiconductor substrates with correlated randomly rough boundaries is analyzed. The theoretical approach is based on the scalar theory of diffraction of light. The numerical analysis of the reflectance is performed for rough thin films on GaAs and Si substrates. This analysis demonstrates that the reflectance depends not only on the rms values of the heights of the irregularities of the boundary roughness but it also depends on values of cross-correlation coefficients between the rough boundaries. The magnitudes of boundary roughness and cross-correlation between the rough boundaries depend on the technological procedures of creating thin film systems. By interpreting the measured reflectance spectra, the values of optical and roughness parameters can be determined.

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