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Daniel Franta, Lenka Zajíčková, Ivan Ohlídal, Jan Janča

Optical characterization of diamond-like carbon films

Vacuum 61 (2001) 279–283

In this contribution the results achieved by the optical characterization of diamond like carbon (DLC) films are presented. A multi-sample modification of variable angle of incidence spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE) is used to determine the values of the thicknesses and spectral dependences of the optical constants of these films. It is shown that this optical method is very suitable for characterizing the films studied because the influences of some defects of these films are suppressed within this method. Further the spectral dependences of the optical constants determined for the DLC films studied are interpreted using a new model of dispersion based on the existence of two oscillators corresponding to both the π → π* and σ → σ* interband transitions. Within this model of dispersion of the optical constants the concept of the band gap is respected as well.

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