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Daniel Franta, Ivan Ohlídal, Petr Klapetek, Růžena Nepustilová, Svatopluk Bajer

Characterization of polymer thin films deposited on aluminum films by the combined optical method and atomic force microscopy

Surface and Interface Analysis 38 (2006) 842–846

In this paper, the results of the optical characterization of polymer thin films, deposited by the plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition on the aluminum films performed by the multisample modification of the optical method based on combination of variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry and near-normal spectroscopic reflectometry, are presented. Within this characterization, the existence of roughness of the boundaries of the polymer films is taken into account by means of the Rayleigh–Rice theory. The optical constants of these films are described by the dispersion model based on parameterization of the density of electronic states. It is shown that the optical constants of the polymer films depend on their thicknesses, i.e. on the deposition times. Morphology of the upper boundaries of the polymer films is also studied using atomic force microscopy.

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