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Mihai Muresan, Lenka Zajíčková, Vilma Buršíková, Daniel Franta, David Nečas

Proc: Preparation and Characterization of DLC:N Films

NANOCON 2010, 2ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 2nd NANOCON International Conference, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 12-14 October 2010 (2010) pp.434-440

Published by TANGER LTD

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) exhibits useful properties such as wide band gaps, high thermal conductivities, high hardness and low friction coefficient. Technical difficulties due to inherent internal stress in preparation of DLC films on metallic substrates are the cause of it's poor adhesion. Nitrogen doped diamond-like carbon (DLC:N) films were deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapuor deposition (PECVD) using capacitively coupled rf discharge at 13.56 MHz in the mixture of methane, hydrogen and nitrogen on silicon, glass and metallic substrates (stainless steel). Gas mixture, bias and discharge frequency were changed to modify the parameters of the deposited films. The optical properties of the deposited films were investigated by: reflectometry, ellipsometry and FTIR transmittance measurement. Depth sensing indentation technique was used to determine hardness and elastic modulus. To improve adhesion on metallic substrates and create a hard film, they were optimised in order to improve adhesion, by the preparation of multilayer-structures with different deposition conditions.

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