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Franta D., Vohánka J., Dvořák J, Franta P, Ohlídal I., Klapetek P, Březina J, Skoda D,
Optical Characterization of Gadolinium Fluoride Films Using Universal Dispersion Model,
Coatings Vol. 13 2 (2023) 218


Ohlídal I., Vohánka J., Čermák M.,
Optics of Inhomogeneous Thin Films with Defects: Application to Optical Characterization,
Coatings Vol. 11 22 (2021) 31


Vohánka J., Ohlídal I., Ohlídal M, Šustek , Čermák M., Šulc V, Vasina P, Ženíšek J, Franta D.,
Optical Characterization of Non-Stoichiometric Silicon Nitride Films Exhibiting Combined Defects,
Coatings Vol. 9 7 (2019) 416