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Ivan Ohlídal, František Lukeš

Optical analysis of thin gold films by combined reflection and transmission ellipsometry

Thin Solid Films 85 (1981) 181–190

A method known as combined ellipsometry, which utilizes the simultaneous interpretation of the ellipsometric parameters determined for light reflected and transmitted by the air side and the substrate side of thin films, was used to obtain a complete optical analysis of thin gold films deposited onto a non-absorbing substrate. It is shown that the use of this method enables very precise values of the optical parameters characterizing thin gold films to be obtained compared with the values obtained using individual ellipsometries, i.e. external and internal reflection and transmission ellipsometry, or other standard optical methods. This conclusion is demonstrated by the experimental results obtained for several thin gold films with thicknesses in the range 25–45 nm at a wavelength λ of 632.8 nm.

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