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T. Lohner, P. Csíkvári, N.Q. Khánh, S. Dávid, Z.E. Horváth, P. Petrik, G. Hárs

Spectroellipsometric and ion beam analytical investigation of nanocrystalline diamond layers

Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 2806-2810

Optical properties of nanocrystalline and ultrananocrystalline diamond films were studied by ex situ variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry. The films were prepared by Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition method. In the experiments Ar, CH4, and H2 gases were used as source gases. Elastic recoil detection analysis was applied to measure the hydrogen content of the deposited layers. Three-layer optical models were constructed for the evaluation of the measured ellipsometric spectra. Besides the Cauchy relation, the effective medium approximation and the Tauc–Lorentz dispersion relation were also used for the modeling of the optical properties of the diamond films. Atomic force microscopy was applied to investigate the surface roughness in function of the deposition conditions.

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