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Ivan Ohlídal, František Lukeš

Optical analysis of absorbing double layers by combined reflection and transmission ellipsometry

Thin Solid Films 115 (1984) 269–282

A method known as combined ellipsometry, which utilizes the simultaneous interpretation of the ellipsometric parameters determined for light reflected and transmitted by the air side and by the substrate side of thin films, was used to obtain an optical analysis of absorbing double layers deposited onto a non-absorbing substrate. It is shown that the use of this method enables the evaluation of all the optical parameters characterizing absorbing double layers consisting of a non- absorbing and an absorbing thin film. Combined ellipsometry can be used for analysing the double layers formed by two highly absorbing thin films in a reasonable way if this method is complemented by a precise auxiliary method, e.g. the Fizeau method. These conclusions are demonstrated by experimental results obtained for samples of the following double layers: MgF2/Al, Al/MgF2, TiO/Au and Au/Ni. The ellipsometric parameters were measured at a wavelength λ of 632.8 nm.

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