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Duosheng Li, X. D. Zhou, Dunwen Zuo, Aihua Zou

Deposition of Nano-Crystalline Diamond Films of Spherical Shell

Journal of Cultural Heritage 9 (2012) 1511-1514

Nano-crystalline diamond film of spherical shell has been synthesized on convex molybdenum substrate by direct current plasma chemical vapor deposition from Ar-hydrogen-methane mixture. Substrate temperature was accurately monitored by controlling torch power and the cooling water flow rate. Reaction chamber with methane, hydrogen and argon source gas mixture and the total pressure was 5000 Pa, and the CH4 concentration (volumetric percentage of CH4 to H-2 flow rate) was 1.5-5%. Temperature of substrate was about 840-930 degrees C. Atom force microscopy (AFM), energy disperse spectroscopy (EDS), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), Raman spectroscopy, and roughness-profile meter were investigated microstructure, purities, surface phase and surface roughness of diamond film, respectively. The results show that, when diamond film of spherical shell grew by three steps depositing technologies, the average grain sizes of diamond film was observed to be approximatelhy in the range of 15-35 nm, and there were no remarkable big grain in the whole surface of diamond film. Smooth nanocrystalline diamond film of spherical shell was successfully deposited.

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