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Publications in Physical Review B

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Ondračka P., Holec D, Nečas D., Kedroňová E, Elisabeth S, Goullet A, Zajíčková L.,
Optical properties of TixSi1−xO2 solid solutions,
Physical Review B Vol. 95 (2017) 195163


Yanguas-Gil A, Sperling B, Abelson J,
Theory of light scattering from self-affine surfaces: Relationship between surface morphology and effective medium roughness,
Physical Review B Vol. 84 8 (2011) 085402

Everts F, Wormeester H, Poelsema B,
Optical characterization of the evolution of ion-induced anisotropic nanopatterns on Ag(001),
Physical Review B Vol. 84 3 (2011) 035403


Holý V, Kuběna J, Ohlídal I., Lischka K, Plotz W,
X-ray reflection from rough layered systems,
Physical Review B Vol. 47 (1993) 15896–15903