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Su B. Jin, Yoon S. Choi, In S. Choi, Jeon G. Han

Surface energy modification of SiOxCyHz film using PECVD by controlling the plasma processes for OMCTS (Si4O4C8H24) precursor

Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 6763-6768

SiOx films produced from octamethylycyclodisiloxane (Si4O4C8H24, OMCTS) with oxygen carrier gas have a low contact angle. The surface energy of the SiOx films can be changed by controlling the plasma process. SiOxCyHz films were deposited on polycarbonate substrates by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using OMCTS without oxygen carrier gas. The input power in the radio frequency plasma was changed to optimize the surface energy of the resulting SiOxCyHz film. The plasma diagnostics, surface energy and surface morphology were characterized by optical emission spectrometry, contact angle measurements and atomic force microscopy, respectively. The chemical properties of the coatings were examined by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The surface energy of the SiOxCyHz films produced using a room temperature plasma process could be controlled by employing the appropriate intensity of excited neutrals, ionized atoms, molecules and energy (input rf power and bias), as well as the suitable dissociation of OMCTS.

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