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Frank Everts, Herbert Wormeester, Bene Poelsema

Optical anisotropy induced by ion bombardment of Ag(001)

Physical Review B 78 (2008) 155419

Grazing incidence ion bombardment results in the formation of nanoripples that induce an anisotropic optical reflection The evolution of the reflectance anisotropy has been monitored in situ with reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy. The Rayleigh-Rice theory (RRT) has been used to analyze the optical spectra quantitatively and provides the evolution of the average ripple period and root-mean-squared surface roughness. After an incipient phase, both the increase in the periodicity and the roughness vary roughly with the square root of the sputter time. Additional high-resolution low-energy electron diffraction (HR-LEED) measurements have been performed to characterize details of the average structure created by ion bombardment.

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