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A. Venter, J. R. Botha, H. C. Swart, S. Naidoo, E. J. Olivier

An investigation of the oxidized Ni/InAs interface

Physica B 404 (2009) 4452–4456

Ni was resistively deposited onto bulk InAs and subsequently oxidized in an O2 atmosphere. The anneal temperature and time were 450 °C and 2.5 h, respectively. X-ray diffraction of the oxidized Ni/InAs sample revealed the formation of In3Ni2 and In2O3 on the front suggesting inter diffusion of In, Ni and O. NiO was not detected by X-ray diffraction. In a preliminary study, using glass as a substrate, NiO readily formed when using these oxidation parameters. Conductivity measurements of the oxidized Ni/InAs surface revealed a conducting front and insulating rear surface while TEM of the Ni/InAs interface revealed an intermediate amorphous diffusion zone between the "oxidized" Ni layer and the bulk InAs. A closer investigation of the intermediate layer supports the X-ray diffraction results, suggesting compound formation due to diffusion of oxygen and nickel into the substrate, and out-diffusion of In and As from the bulk of the sample. AES was used to further elucidate these results.

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