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B. Stamm, B. Kuezuen, O. Filipov, S. Reuter, I. Erdmann, F. Deuerler, D. Krix, K. Huba, H. Nienhaus, V. Buck

Adjustment of wear particle size distribution of DLC coatings for tribological metal-on-metal pairing in artificial hip joints

Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 40 (2009) 98–100

The term DLC (diamond-like carbon) describes a whole class of different biocompatible materials based on amorphous carbon. One possible application for DLC is the coating of artificial hip joints to increase their life expectancy. The life expectancy of artificial hip joints is limited by osteolysis caused by wear particles, especially by wear particles in a range from 0.3 μm to 10 μm. In this study, biocompatible steel substrates are coated with DLC. Coatings with different structure are produced and investigated regarding their wear behavior. The aim is to influence the wear particle size distribution. To improve the adhesion of the coatings on the substrate, metallic interface layers are deposited by cathodic vacuum arc deposition, comparing chromium and titanium as interface layer material. The DLC-coatings are deposited by a vacuum arc that allows a transition from cathodic to anodic operation mode.

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