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Shih-Chin Lee, Fong-Cheng Tai, Che-Hung Wei

Correlation between sp2/sp3 ratio or hydrogen content and water contact angle in hydrogenated DLC film

Materials Transactions 48 (2007) 2534–2538

Water contact angle has been measured to indirectly assess the sp2/sp3 ratio and hydrogen content of DLCH film under post N2 annealed treatment with O2 content under 100 ppm. XPS spectrum is used to measure the Cls bonding type and calculate the sp2/sp3 ratio. The surface morphology of DLCH film was examined by SEM and AFM. From experimental results, it seems the surface morphology was not a critical factor on water contact angle value, at least for DLCH film. A quantitative correlation between water contact angle and sp2/sp3 ratio of DLCH film is established from which the hydrogen content can be estimated by the sp2/sp3 ratio as well as Angus equation.

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