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F. C. Tai, S. C. Lee, C. H. Wei, S. L. Tyan

Correlation between ID/IG ratio from visible Raman spectra and sp2/sp3 ratio from XPS spectra of annealed hydrogenated DLC film

Materials Transactions 47 (2006) 1847–1852

The hydrogened diamond like carbon film (DLCH) with 1 mu m thickness is made by hydrocarbon gas ion beam deposition method. The relationship between ID/IG ratio fitted from visible Raman spectra and sp2/sp3 ratio done from XPS spectra of DLCH film shows a trend. The ID/IG ratio of deconvoluted visible Raman spectra shows a correlation with sp2/sp3 ratio from XPS spectra as annealing temperature increases, the graphitization and the disorder increase. The ID/IG ratios fitted with two-curve Gaussian functions of Raman spectra tend to be proportional to sp2/sp3 ratio fitted with three-curve with 100% Gaussian function of XPS spectra when post annealed treatment is below 400 °C and without severe oxidation.

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