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M. V. Sopinskyy, P. E. Shepeliavyi, A. V. Stronski, E. F. Venger

Ellipsometry and AFM study of post-deposition transformations in vacuum-evaporated As–S-Se films

Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 7 (2005) 2255–2266

The results of multiangle ellipsometrical measurements of thermal evaporation deposited binary and pseudobinary As2SxSe1-x (x = 0,1,2,3) films are presented. Measurements were carried out for the storage time interval in the laboratory conditions from several minutes up to several years. The time dependencies of ellipsometrical parameters Ψ, Δ show the presence of the opposite Ψ and Δ evolution processes. Ellipsometrical modeling of the experimental dependencies was carried out using five models, which allowed to evaluate isotropy, uniformity, absorption of the deposited films, as well as the evolution of these characteristics with the storage time, time dependence of refractive index, and thickness. The results of this modeling are compared with the results of morphology study of film surface by AFM method. Physical analysis of the calculated parameters kinetics of the model leads to conclusion that, at the initial stage of the storage, the transformations determined by the short range scale processes are prevailing in the film. At a further stage, the prevailing processes are the ones of the middle range order and on the macroscale, which includes mass-transfer in the film and on its surface.

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