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Petr Klapetek, Ivan Ohlídal, Alberto Montaigne-Ramil, Alberta Bonanni, David Stifter, Helmut Sitter

Atomic force microscopy characterization of ZnTe epitaxial thin films

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 42 (2003) 4706–4709

In this paper, results concerning atomic force microscopy studies of the upper boundaries of ZnTe epitaxial thin films prepared by molecular beam epitaxy onto gallium arsenide single crystal substrates are presented. It is shown that the upper boundaries of these films contain grains forming a faceted structure. This faceted structure is quantitatively described by the four statistical quantities: root mean square values of the heights of the irregularities, power spectral density function (PSDF), diagram describing the distribution of the directions of the normals to the boundaries and one-dimensional distribution of the heights of the irregularities. The,gram structure is quantitatively described by two quantities: mean grain size and grain size distribution.

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