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R. P. Wang, S. J. Madden, C. J. Zha, A. V. Rode, B. Luther-Davies

Annealing induced phase transformations in amorphous As2S3 films

Journal of Applied Physics 100 (2006) 063524

Amorphous arsenic sulphide (As2S3) films prepared by ultrafast pulsed laser deposition have been vacuum annealed at a range of different temperatures. Measurements of the glass transition temperature indicate that a crystallization process initiates at annealing temperatures around 170 °C. In combination with Raman scattering analysis, we conclude that phase separation is intrinsic for our as-deposited films. During annealing two sorts of phase transformation are identified: one between different amorphous polymorphs, and another from the amorphous to a crystalline state. We point out a correlation between these two types of transformation and two characteristic time scales identified from measurements of the relaxation of the refractive index, and explain the Arrhenius and non-Arrhenius behaviors leading to the observed temporal characteristics.

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