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Deepak Prasad Subedi, D. K. Madhup, K. Adhikari, U. M. Joshi

Plasma treatment at low pressure for the enhancement of wettability of polycarbonate

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 46 (2008) 540-544

The dc glow discharge plasma at low pressure was used for the treatment of polycarbonate surface to investigate the improvement in wettability. The effect of treatment time, applied power and sample- electrode distance on wettability and etching was studied. The surface energy of the sample was found to increase from 29.73 to 64.69 ml/m(2) with 40s of treatment time. The results showed that wettability and etching of the sample depend strongly on treatment time, applied power and distance from the electrode. The relation for the wettability of the sample as a function of the sample-electrode distance has been found. It was found that do glow discharge produced at a low pressure air can effectively etch a polycarbonate sample at the rate in the order of 10(-9) g/cm(2)/s. The stability of the modified surface by measuring the contact angle at different storage time has been investigated.

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