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Lenka Zajíčková, Petr Synek, Ondřej Jašek, Marek Eliáš, Bohumil David, Jiří Buršík, Naděžda Pizúrová, Renata Hanzlíková, Lukáš Lazar

Synthesis of carbon nanotubes and iron oxide nanoparticles in MW plasma torch with Fe(CO)(5) in gas feed

Applied Surface Science 255 (2009) 5421-5424

The MW plasma torch (2.45 GHz) in the mixture of CH4/H-2/Ar (42/430/1540 sccm) with added Fe(CO)(5) vapors was used for the synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. The particles with well-defined facets consisting of Fe3O4 and gamma-Fe2O3 and self-assembled into long chains were produced at the power of 360 W. At higher power of 440-460W the deposit contained significant amount of multi-walled carbon nanotubes covered by iron oxide nanoparticles. The diameter of CNTs was 8-20 nm. The particles had Fe3O4 and/or alpha-Fe2O3 cores of spherical shape covered by a thin layer of carbon.

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