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S. Saloum, M. Naddaf

Optical constants of silicone-like (Si : O-x : C-y : H-z) thin films deposited on quartz using hexamethyldisiloxane in a remote RF hollow cathode discharge plasma

Vacuum 82 (2007) 50-55

Deposition of amorphous silicone-like (Si:O-x:C-y:H-z) thin films in a remote RF hollow cathode discharge plasma using hexamethyldisoloxane as monomer and Ar as feed gas has been investigated for films optical constants and plasma diagnostic as a function of RF power (100-300W) and precursor flow rate (1-10sccm). Plasma diagnostic has been performed using Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES). The optical constants (refractive index, extinction coefficient and dielectric constant) have been obtained by reflection/transmission measurements in the range 300-700 nm. It is found that the refractive index increases from 1.92 to 1.97 with increasing power from 100 to 300W, and from 1.70 to 1.92 with increasing precursor flow rate from 1 to 10sccm. The optical energy band gap E-g and the optical-absorption tail Delta E have been estimated from optical absorption spectra, it is found that E-g decreases from 3.28 to 3.14 eV with power increase from 100 to 300 W, and from 3.54 to 3.28 eV with precursor flow rate increase from 1 to 10 sccm. Delta E is found to increase with applied RF power and precursor flow rate increase. The dependence of optical constants on deposition parameters has been correlated to plasma OES. (C) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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