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Jan Schäfer, Stefan Horn, Foest Rüdiger, Ronny Brandemburg, Petr Vasina, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

Complex analysis of SiOxCyHz films deposited by an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge

Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (2011) S330-S334

SiOx films are deposited with an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (apDBD) using Ar, O2 and different precursor gases (HMDSO and Silane). An experimental study on the influence of the discharge operation parameters on the chemical composition of the deposited films and the vertical structure over the film thickness is carried out by means of SEM, EDX, and ATR-FTIR. Particularly the IR absorption of hydroxyl groups (OH) incorporated in the films is considered in dependence of the deposition conditions. OH can be regarded as an indicator for the barrier properties of the coating or its capability to transport metal ions through the film. The latter process leads to applications in antimicrobial coatings that gradually, over time release e.g. copper or silver ions under wet conditions. The potential of organosilicon films produced in such an atmospheric pressure PECVD with regard to this application is demonstrated for the first time.

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