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Ruediger Reuter, Katja Ruegner, Dirk Ellerweg, Teresa de los Arcos, A von Keudell, Jan Benedikt

The Role of Oxygen and Surface Reactions in the Deposition of Silicon Oxide like Films from HMDSO at Atmospheric Pressure

Plasma Processes and Polymers 9 (2012) 1116-1124

The deposition of thin SiO2-like films by means of atmospheric pressure microplasma jets with admixture of hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) and oxygen and the role of surface reactions in film growth are investigated. Two types of microplasma jets, one with a planar electrodes and operated in helium gas and the other one with a coaxial geometry operated in argon, are used to study the deposition process. The growth rate of the film and the carbon-content in the film are measured as a function of the O2 and HMDSO admixture in the planar jet and are compared to mass spectrometry measurements of the consumption of HMDSO. Additionally, the localized nature of the jetsubstrate interaction is utilized to study surface reactions by applying two jets on a rotating substrate. The addition of oxygen into the gas mixture increases HMDSO depletion and the growth rate and results in the deposition of carbon free films. The surface reaction is responsible for the carbon removal from the growing film. Moreover, carbon free films can be deposited even without addition of oxygen, when coaxial jet operated with argon is used for the surface treatment. We hypothesize that ions or excited species (metastables) could be responsible for the observed effect.

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