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Matteo Passoni, Valeria Russo, David Dellasega, Federica Causa, Francesco Ghezzi, Daniel Wolverson, Carlo E. Bottani

Raman spectroscopy of nonstacked graphene flakes produced by plasma microjet deposition

Journal of Polymer Science B 43 (2012) 884-888

An extensive Raman investigation of few-layer graphene structures, obtained using a plasma microjet technique, is presented. Raman spectroscopy represents a unique method to characterize specific features of these systems. Excitation energies both in the visible and in the deep ultraviolet range are exploited, allowing to extract the main structural properties of the in-house deposited samples. Particular attention is given to the determination of the stacking order properties of these few-layer graphene structures. The results presented here also validate the plasma microjet as an efficient deposition technique to obtain graphene-based systems with a low number of layers and reduced coupling on well defined and spatially localized areas.

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