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R. D. White, S. Dujko, K. F. Ness, R. E. Robson, Z. Raspopovic, Z. Lj. Petrovic

On the existence of transiently negative diffusion coefficients for electrons in gases in E x B fields

Journal of Physics D 41 (2008) 025206

A recent study (Raspopovic Z et al 2000 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 33 1298) reported the existence of negative diagonal diffusion tensor elements for electrons in a neutral gas under the influence of crossed radiofrequency electric and magnetic fields. In this paper we demonstrate, using a time-dependent multi-term solution of the Boltzmann equation and time-resolved Monte Carlo simulation, that this phenomenon is a transient relaxation effect obtainable under dc crossed field conditions.

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