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Jan Prášek, Libuše Trnková, Imrich Gablech, Petra Businova, Jana Drbohlavova, Jana Chomoucka, Vojtěch Adam, René Kizek, Jaromír Hubálek

Optimization of Planar Three-Electrode Systems for Redox System Detection

International Journal of Electrochemical Science 7 (2012) 1785-1801

Numerous analytical, bioanalytical, biochemical and biological instruments have been developed for determination of specific and/or group of compounds, species, cells even organisms, but most of them suffer from the impossibility to miniaturize these instruments in spite of the fact that they have many other advantages. Due to the above-mentioned facts developing and suggesting of simple analytical instruments, methods and procedures with low detection limits and providing on-line and in situ monitoring of environment are needed. In this study, we show testing and optimizing of some important features of screen-printed electrodes, which should be considered before their designing, fabrication and applications for low-cost electrochemical analysis in-situ, because we found that areas as well as materials of auxiliary and reference electrode can markedly influence of current response and, therefore, markedly influence detection limit of our thick-film three-electrode microsensor. Finally, there was also confirmed, that these three-electrode screen-printed planar electrode systems could be used for high scan rate electrochemical detection of selected species without any significant output current response change in comparison to standard-like non-planar three-electrode system.

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