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W.B. Yang, S.H. Fan, G.L. Zhang, P.N. Ma, S.Z. Zhang, J. Du

Investigation of diamond-like-carbon films prepared by unbalanced magnetron sputtering

Review of Scientific Instruments 54 (2005) 4944–4948

Using unbalanced magnetron sputtering method, smooth, dense and uniforni diamond like carbon films (DLC) with high diamond phase content are deposited. Based on testing and analysis of deposition mechanism, we conclude that with smaller sputtering clusters and higher collision frequency between the sputtering cluster and environment molecules, and more suitable momentum of the sputtering cluster impacting on the substrate, higher content of diamond phase in the film will result. Scanning electron micrograph shows that there are no obvious grains in this film. The micro-hardness is about 11 GPa, bulk elastic modulus is about 120 GPa as tested by nano-indentation. The optical transmittance is about 89%, refraction coefficient is 1.952, and the deposition rule is 0.724 μm/h as calculated from tire FTIR spectra.

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