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Prashant Mandlik, Jonathan Gartside, Lin Han, I-Chun Cheng, Sigurd Wagner, Jeff A. Silvernail, Rui-Qing Ma, Michael Hack, Julie J. Brown

A single-layer permeation barrier for organic light-emitting displays

Applied Physics Letters 92 (2008) 103309

Films of a hybrid material with part-SiO2 part-silicone character are deposited as environmental barriers on bottom-emitting and on transparent organic light-emitting diodes. Devices coated with this barrier have lifetimes of up to similar to 7500 h when stored at 65 degrees C and 85% relative humidity, by far exceeding the industrial requirement of 1000 h. The intensity of the Si - O - Si absorption at the wavenumber of 1075 cm(-1), the wetting angle by water, and the indentation hardness support the interpretation of a homogeneous material with the properties of a SiO2-silicone hybrid. The films remain intact over 58 600 cycles of bending to similar to 0.2% tensile strain.

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