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Zuzana Kučerová, Vilma Buršíková, Vratislav Peřina, Daniel Franta, Lenka Zajíčková, Jan Čech, Jana Franclová

Proc: Influence of the Temperature on Properties of Plasma Polymerized Organosilicon Coatings

Proceedings of 15th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes and 3rd EU–Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing (2005) pp.197-198

Published by Comenius University, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Union of Slovak Matematicians and Physicists, Bratislava, Slovakia

The objective of the present paper is a study of thermal effected changes in a comparison and structure of plasma polymerized organosilicon coatings. Furthermore, optical and mechanical properties of the films were investigated in order to find correlations between the film properties and their composition.

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