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Vilma Buršíková, Vratislav Peřina, Jaroslav Sobota, Petr Klapetek, Pavel Dvořák, Jiří Buršík, Daniel Franta

Proc: Deposition of Nanostructured Diamond-Like Carbon Films in Dual Frequency Capacitive Discharge

Proceedings of 19th Europhysics Conference on the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases (2008) pp.

Published by European Physical Society

The aim of the present work was to deposit nanostructured diamond-like carbon (NDLC) coatings with various admixtures (silicon, oxygen, nitrogen, tungsten etc.) on several different substrate materials (silicon, glass, polycarbonate and steel) in dual frequency capacitive r.f. discharges. For the plasma diagnostics the optical emission spectroscopy, capacitively coupled planar ion flux probe measurements and gas chromatography with mass spectrometry of stable plasma products were used. The structure of the prepared films was studied with infrared absorption spectroscopy (FTIR) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Complete atomic compositions, including hydrogen content and film densities, were determined by combination of RBS and ERD analyses. The complex dielectric function of the films was determined from ellipsometric measurements in the range from 1.5 to 6.5 eV. Laser Desorption-Ionisation – Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (LDI-TOF) was used to study the deposited films. It was found that LDI-TOF mass spectrometry can serve as a rapid tool for the characterisation of NDLC layers with different admixtures. The mechanical properties of prepared coatings (e.g. hardness, elastic modulus, fracture toughness, coating/substrate adhesion etc.) were studied by means of indentation techniques using Fischerscope H100 tester, Nanoindentor XP with CSM option and ultrananoindentor UNHT (CSM).

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